As a child, Selepri moved from Liberia to America with his parents. While playing secular music with a college band, he was exposed to the drug scene. Thirteen years of cocaine abuse led him to prison where he began to seek God. Today, his message and music inspire many.


This powerful and moving presentation has brought over 1,400 people to Jesus Christ and given many more a renewed confidence in their ability to share the gospel through encouragment and attraction, two key things exhibited by Christ. In just the last two years, he has convinced over 30 people who were struggling with an addiction to get treatment in the Teen Challenge program and driven over 60,000 miles to take them there. He has been interviewed on the Christian Television Network, featured in Pentecostal Evangel Magazine, his testimony written about in the New York Times and, with his band, he’s recently opened for Christian music super star, Todd Agnew.

Selepri mixes anointed, quality music and his incredible testimony into a 60 minute, Sunday morning presentation which includes a message that edifies, educates, encourages and uplifts your congregation! From Pentecostal to Presbyterian, the Spirit of God penetrates hearts through his message and music. Selepri has emptied seats and pews to fill the altars of over 30 churches across the United States in 2009!!

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Selepri has ministered to thousands of people across the United States.  While other musicians are scheduling evening "Concerts", Selepri's schedule is filled with morning "Services".  "Although music is important to me, It's not about the music... it's about the ministry", Selepri says.