When Selepri needed to come up with a name for "what he does", he said, "I just let my light shine and hopefully, through me, God illuminates a path to hope for others".  Hence the name, "My Light" ministry.  Whether he's playing guitar, singing, sharing at churches or working with people who struggle with an addiction to alcohol or drugs...Selepri is a light that illuminates hope to those he serves.  Click HERE to see his passion for people. 

Selepri and Nicky Cruz: Nicky is one of the original Teen Challenge students.  You will recognize him from the book "The Cross and the Switchblade". 


 Todd Agnew & Selepri at the Grand Theatre in Keokuk, Iowa: "It was such a blessing to share the same stage with such an awesome Christian artist...Todd is a great man of God and opening for him was a lot of fun!"  --Selepri (Click on the picture)

News Articles
Below are some newspaper and magazine articles about Selepri's ministry and also his fight against deportation based on a change in the laws after 9/11...Keep him in your prayers!



 PE Magazine Aug 2005


 Macomb Oct