Selepri began "My Light Ministry" in April of 2006.  The purpose of this ministry is to reach directly into the lives of addicts and their families all across the U.S. and really make a difference by not only getting involved, but helping others to get involved in the physical and spiritual rebuilding of those lives.  This ministry has been a connection for families, churches and courts to the Teen Challenge program all across the United States.  Selepri has worked with the court system in his home town, and across this great country, to get drug offenders into Teen Challenge, a very successful, long-term, faith-based restoration and discipleship program.  Selepri has designed an extremely effective intervention process called the XI Project.  This intervention includes a "Seed Planting" process and a "Program Preparation" tutorial which is designed to increase the success of completing the Teen Challenge program year.  The Seed Planting process builds trust and a bond of friendship between Selepri and the "Student".  Selepri helps to create the vision, goals, and strategies they need to take the first steps into treatment and the confidence and courage to complete it.  There is a sponsorship fee which is used to sponsor each individual so this service can always remain FREE to the person in need of help!  It also keeps this powerful and unique service going, allows Selepri to pay the Teen Challenge enrollment fee and do much more for those who can and cannot afford to get in. 

People pay between $15,000 and $50,000 for interventions and 30-day, secular programs with 6% success rates and it costs less than $5,000 for MLM's life saving interventions plus a whole year in Teen Challenge which carries a VERY high success rate for those who complete the program year.  The XI Project interventions, through My Light Ministry, currently carry a 100% success rate for convincing addicts to go into treatment and turning potential prison sentences into life changing treatment opportunities. 

One goal of My Light Ministry is to see 200 people get into a Teen Challenge program in 2010 and look for great results in 2011.  "I can't do this alone because, financially, the burden is too great."  If your Church or business will help by sponsoring someone that Selepri is assisting for $1,000, we can begin a healing process in your community and across this country. 

The people who contact Selepri are desperate for change, fear for the life of a loved one or feel they have exhausted all other options for help.  For those people and many others...THIS MINISTRY HAS CHANGED THEIR LIVES!!

"These are God's victories, not mine...I continue to find them as a result of constantly seeking Him." -Selepri Amachree


How it Works:

1) Your pastor invites Selepri to share music, message and testimony in a 60 minute, Sunday morning ministry presentation at your church. (If you don't have a home church try connecting with a friend's church)

2) If you or someone you know has an addiction to drugs or alcohol we connect afterwards and make arrangements to come up with a plan.

3) The healing process usually begins with the simple hope that someone cares enough to step in and with Selepri's help through any legal problems that have transpired as a result of the addiction.  Then we begin the preparation to move forward into one of the extremely successful Teen Challenge programs somewhere in the United States.

4) Many people aren't ready to commit to changing their lives.  Selepri has a powerfully unique and effective "Seed Planting" process that builds trust and breaks ground with struggling addicts while also preparing them to "succeed in" and "get the most from" the Teen Challenge facility they will soon enter.

5) Selepri continues to stay in contact with the individual and family, as needed, long after they graduate from the Teen Challenge program year.

6) All financial arrangements are made based on the requirements of the ministry and location of the chosen Teen Challenge facility.  My Light Ministry uses the sponsorship fee to meet the financial requirements related to each individual assignment.  Most partnerships with family, church or business will be handled through a "Sponsorship Agreement" contract.

For help with an addiction or scheduling a presentation please call: 757.503.0710

Be Blessed & Shine On!!!

---Selepri  (Let me help...because God wants to help and your family is worth it)

                                                                     (Jeff, leaving Minnesota for Teen Challenge in Chicago)

"The addiction to 'Meth' was ruining Jeff's life and his wife had already begun the process of divorcing him...Selepri was the angel God sent to direct Jeff to Teen challenge and convince his wife to stop the divorce proceedings.  Now Jeff and his wife host a bible study in their home for other married couples!"

-----Rita (Jeff's Mom)




"I can't do this alone..." --Selepri