"I got Selepri to come to Fort Collins, Colorado and help my son with his addiction after a relative told me that she had seen him share at their church in Galesburg, Illinois...thank God for sending selepri to her church!".


Pastors are Swamped with petitions from various ministries for time in their churches.  Weighing the options and praying for guidance is absolutely necessary.  The greatest reason for bringing Selepri into your church is knowing that people are taking this message back into their homes, their jobs and thier schools.  God is using the message Selepri brings into your church to shine hope into the lives of people who attented the service...and even those who didn't.

                                                         "Selepri's music presentation is a joy to behold" --Phil Sweetland (New York Times)


Songs like "Rain On Me" and "My Song" will ring in the heads and hearts of people who love God and love music.  Selepri says, "What I love most about writing songs is that whenever I write, it always turns out that I'm either speaking to God or He is speaking to me."  

The message for this 2010 tour is on FREEDOM.  Freedom that God brings through the encouragement of others, the kind of encouragement that inspires a change in what a person believes about themselves and a change in belief that corrects their behavior.  Based on the conversation Christ had with the woman at the well in John 4:7-26 and combined with his testimony and music this presentation is a powerful testiment to God's ability to reach lives through us...and where Selepri finds the faith and confidence to successfully help the families and people struggling with the affects of addiction on their lives.