Special thanks to my loving Mother and Father for their support and encouragment; To Kaitlyn, Adrianna and my son Kennen for their love; To Andy, Leila and all the family in Pennsylvania for their support and love; Thanks to my crazy producer (Big Chris) at Moodswing Records in Hollywood for his incredible patience and helping me to maintain that "Balance"; To Pastor "Randy" and Pastor John McHaffie for their friendship, advice and support; Thanks to Ray for the awesome website and finally, I thank the Lord, God, for the inspiration, for changing my life and saving me through the Teen Challenge program.

There are over 7 million addicts\alcoholics in the United States today. Although they chose the substances they didn't choose the effect it would have on their lives. When the fun was over and the "Smoke" cleared...the damage was devestating,

Some of the proceeds from this CD will go to help those who are ready to walk out of the darkness...and into the light.